The MARVELOUS architectural masterpiece

If Phu My Hung Midtown is an architectural masterpiece which only comes once, THE PEAK is such a desirable living space owning THE BEST LOCATION, the pinnacle of the whole complex.

Amidst the modern and international-standard urban area, the presence of nature becomes more perfect and valuable. THE PEAK is beautifully located beside the serene river, facing the bustling International Commercial and Financial District, connecting with the luxury resort-style residences in the greenest area of Phu My Hung – Southside District. It is the fourth and THE LAST component of the complex, finalizing the architectural piece of art of Phu My Hung Midtown.

The modern architectures harmonize sophistically with spaces and curve gently beside the river, bringing the feeling of immersing into nature. The art of “placement” is cleverly done by the talented architects, which makes every single condo own perfect view, natural lighting and ventilation: unique internal landscapes, vivid Sakura Park and iconic constructions of The Signature, etc.  

Residents of THE PEAK will also have an easy access to the well-established services and amenities of Phu My Hung, especially the existing multinational school system within walking distance such as Japanese, Korean, Taipei, Canadian, Saigon South and Lawrence S. Ting 2, SSIS 2 to be developed in the future. A myriad of entertainment, shopping, healthcare, commercial facilities is also just few-minute drive away.

“At Phu My Hung Midtown, residents can fully immerse the harmony of tranquil nature and eye-catching landscapes, relax with the cheerful sound of birds singing, enjoy the blissful greeneries and blooming flowers and at the same time experience the utmost conveniences of bustling metropolitan. It is a seamless connection between modern living and peaceful nature.” – said the architects.

Tu Quyen

Consultant Phu My Hung

With professional experience in the field of real estate, I am confident that I can help Customers choose the most fulfilled home.