If Midtown is Phu My Hung’s most expensive riverside complex project in the past 10 years, then The Peak is fortunate to occupy the most beautiful and prime location in this complex. Midtown is the first project Phu My Hung cooperates with the 3 largest partners in the Japanese real estate industry: Daiwa House, Sumitomo, and Nomura Real Estate.

The Peak Midtown Phu My Hung

Inspired by the world-famous Midtown Tokyo urban area, Phu My Hung and 3 partners created the Midtown project and Sakura Park – the only cherry blossom park in Vietnam.

The entire area of ​​the Midtown area is about 56,000 m2, of which The Peak area is 27,725.83 m2, equivalent to 50% of the entire land area. However, The Peak has the lowest construction density compared to other projects in the entire Midtown area (The Grande, The Symphony, The Signature).

Midtown Phu My Hung
The entire Midtown area offers 2,200 apartments to the market, including 981 units of The Peak. The building density at The Peak is 52.33%. The towers from 13 to 30 floors are located lower by the riverside so that all buildings can receive calm natural wind and a flow of fresh riverside air.

In addition, with the design winding along the river, the architects wanted to create The Peak layout with the shape of a cherry blossom petal, which is also an exceptional point in The Peak’s design.

The Peak Midtown Phu My Hung

On the morning of November 20, Phu My Hung company held a house handover ceremony according to the schedule committed to customers on behalf of the investor. The handover process is divided into two phases, and each phase lasts for a period of 10 days. Phase one started on November 16, and phase two took place successfully in early January 2022.

Hand over The Peak Midtown Phu My Hung



It will be tough to find another project that the investor focuses on developing amenities with modern and fantastic surrounding infrastructure like Midtown. With a prime location along the Ca Cam River, Phu My Hung has developed many expensive amenities to improve the real estate value of the whole residential area.

The Peak Midtown Phu My Hung Landscape

The most notable plus point is SAKURA park – the first cherry blossom park in Vietnam. This place is the highlight of the entire Midtown complex. From the very beginning, Phu My Hung has positioned this park to create a unique, soulful atmosphere for the entire landscape here.

Every detail of the park’s design, from the materials used to the colors of the flowers and trees at this park, was done with much dedication, effort, and expense from the design and construction unit.

Sakura Park The Peak Midtown Phú Mỹ Hưng

Sakura Park has a length of more than 600m, embracing the curve of the beautiful Ca Cam River. This park is the brainchild of Thailand’s leading landscape design company – Landscupltor Studio.

Therefore, the first advantage of the park’s location for visitors is that the full view will be towards the romantic river. The other side of the park is the Midtown complex with modern and luxurious architecture.

Sakura Park was built on a land area of ​​11,722m2, of which the construction area is 6,414m2 (accounting for 54.7%), the planting area is 5,308m2 (45.3%) and divided into 3 zones including (a) The Main Square Area; (b) Children’s Playground Area; (c) Sports Area.

At this moment, the buildings in Midtown have been handed over to customers and put into operation, F&B restaurants and shops are running at shophouses. Sakura Park has indeed become a destination for families on the weekends or holidays.


Where can you find a project the investor designed up to 4 floors for utilities like The Peak Midtown? Positioned as a project in the luxury segment, The Peak Midtown is waiting for you to explore these facilities with

Not only immersed in the space of charming natural scenery, but Phu My Hung also brings a highly comfortable and urban living space for residents. Living at The Peak, you don’t need to go far to enjoy life. Just come home, you’ll find convenience at your doorstep.

The ambiance and landscape at The Peak is the right place to “chill”, whether the residents are covered in cool water at the swimming pool or sipping a cup of coffee at the Roof Garden, they can enjoy the gorgeous sunset easily.

Let’s take a look at other luxurious facilities that Phu My Hung investor has perfectly designed from every angle.

The actual image of this amenities system is even more beautiful than the 3D image in terms of perspective.

The Peak Midtown Phú Mỹ Hưng

The Peak Midtown Waterfall at night


Phu My Hung strictly selects buyers regarding their personal information, purchasing purposes, financial capabilities, etc., in order to establish a civilized community with similarities in culture and lifestyle.

Most importantly, Phu My Hung gives priority to customers who buy to live. This policy ensures a high occupancy rate in residential areas and, at the same time, creates a vibrant and bustling urban area, which increases the value of the real estate. Therefore, you can rest assured that the residential area in Phu My Hung is always active.

More than 90% of customers buying apartments in Midtown work in finance, securities, real estate, commercial services, tourism, and 20% of them are at the management level or are business owners.

Khách hàng chung cư Phú Mỹ Hưng Midtown

Legal elements (e.g., model contract, maintenance fund, title deed, construction permit) are publicly listed at Phu My Hung Real Estate Exchange & Sales Gallery. Title papers are usually issued within 6-12 months from the date of handover.

Pháp lý Phú Mỹ Hưng

In addition, Phu My Hung’s projects are guaranteed by the bank under the requirements and regulations of the authorities. PROJECT INFORMATION introduced only by the SALE TEAM FROM PHU MY HUNG.

The Peak Midtown Phu My Hung project has finished on schedule and handed over on time! Don’t hesitate to contact our agent via phone number 0941333030 to visit the project.

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