The Antonia Phu My Hung – Information and Price

The Antonia is a high-class apartment project located on the vibrant and busy commercial road Phu My Hung – Nguyen Luong Bang in District 7. Real estate experts consider this project “the goose that lays golden eggs,” which brings much profit to investors. And above all, this project has the potential to become a high-class, modern apartment complex, contributing to improving the value of life for people.

The Antonia Phu My Hung

The Antonia Phu My Hung is designed in a European artistic style as an outstanding highlight for the arterial boulevard, completing the canvas of a happy and happy family.

Information About The Antonia Phu My Hung Luxury Apartment Project

The Antonia is located on Nguyen Luong Bang Boulevard, with a total area of ​​5,880 m2

The Antonia Phu My Hung (District 7) is one of the high-end apartment projects with full legal and transparency. The investor first introduced the project in April 2020. The high-class complex included 366 luxury apartments in a prime location and on land lot S6-1, including 2 blocks of 24 floors with an intimate connection with nature.

Name of the project

The Antonia Phu My Hung


Lot S6-1, Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City


Phu My Hung Co., Ltd

Total area

5,880 m2

Number of apartments


Types of apartment

2 bedrooms area: 76.40 – 89.02 m2

3 bedrooms area: 107.30-115.01 m2

Penthouse: 256.81 – 273.73 m2

Shophouse (1st, 2nd floor)

15 units

Building density


Legal document

Long-term ownership pink book for Vietnamese people

50 years of ownership for foreign individuals and organizations

Delivery time

June 2023

Overview Of The Antonia Phu My Hung Project


The Antonia Phu My Hung Apartment

The project has 2 separate blocks, A and B

The Antonia District 7 is a large-scale project, including 2 separate blocks A and B, with 366 apartments, area 76 – 115 m2, 24 floors high. The project is on land lot S6-1, located right on the frontage of 48m wide Nguyen Luong Bang commercial avenue, surrounded by the city’s beauty where the city combines with nature.

Currently, many customers wish to settle in Phu My Hung apartment, but the number of apartments is not too much. Therefore, if you have booked in advance but have no need to stay, you can still buy, sell or rent in a very reasonable way.

The Antonia Phu My Hung Investor

The investor of this project is Phu My Hung Development Company Limited, formerly known as Phu My Hung Joint Venture Company Limited. This company was established in 1993 as a joint venture between Tan Thuan Industrial Development Company Limited and Central Trading & Development Group.

The company implemented this project in 2020, with the design of Korn Architect. Korn Architext is also the unit that designs many elite projects well received and loved by the market. Including the luxurious project Riverpark Premier.


The Antonia Location 1

The project’s location is right in front of Nguyen Luong Bang

The project is in a prime location right in front of Nguyen Luong Bang St. – the busiest and most vibrant place in Phu My Hung. This street is one of the three main roads considered the grand avenue here. Some real estate experts have compared them to famous major avenues globally, such as Singapore’s Orchard Road and Japan’s Ginza. Accordingly, this complex is the focal point connecting the Chateau mansion and the Midtown complex. Sakura Park is also located nearby. Therefore, owning an apartment here will create opportunities for you to make friends and expand your business while at the same time enjoying the unique natural landscape.

The location of The Antonia is on the frontage of the main road of Phu My Hung, allowing residents to access such utilities as:

  • Crescent Mall
  • Co.opmart Urban Hill
  • Crescent Hub office building
  • French-Vietnamese Hospital FV – Tam Duc
  • SECC Exhibition Center

The Antonia Location

Located near many service locations such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers

Opposite the apartment is many shops, such as Highland Coffee, Circle K, GS25, Vinmart, Co.op Food. They are in a convenient location for easier access by people. In the coming time, the stores of The Ascentia, Hung Phuc Premier, The Antonia will give a hand to make this area more crowded, diverse, and bustling than ever.

Another unique attraction of this project is that it is near the Nam Vien area – the green peninsula of the city surrounded by the Ca Cam River. Besides possessing the river’s charm, The Antonia Phu My Hung is also highly appreciated by feng shui experts. This place receives good air, natural water flows through day and night, bringing good luck and prosperity to residents.


The residential area has a staycation – balance – elite recreation style, giving people a comfortable, fresh and energetic life. To be able to fulfill the mission of bringing a comfortable and classy life experience to all customers, The Antonia Phu My Hung complex provides customers with the most attractive and outstanding amenities:

Swimming Pool

The Antonia Pool

The pool area on the 3rd floor is one of the highlights of The Antonia’s reputation. Soft and beautiful curved design lines create a feeling of relaxation and comfort for the user. The investor is also very thoughtful when arranging more huts near the swimming pool so that everyone of all ages can enjoy the open space by the pool. In addition, there is a Jacuzzi tub to help residents relax and relieve stress after a tiring working day.

Entertainment And Sports Facilities

Ignore all worries and fatigue after a long day of work, study, and immerse yourself in the world of entertainment and sports facilities here. Some places to try are the 3D Golf course, game room, gym, spa, yoga room, etc. All of those are integrated with the mission to help residents have a comfortable lifestyle, relieve all stress, regenerate energy and enjoy life.

Golf in The Antonia

3D golf room

The Antonia Game Room

Game room entertainment

The Antonia Gym


The Antonia Yoga room

Yoga Room

The Antonia Spa Room

Spa Room

The Antonia Kid room

Facilities For Children

Understanding the needs of families with young children, the investor also offers young residents a living environment that can develop them physically and mentally through outdoor playgrounds, like swimming pools, kids, a reading room, Kidzone, etc.

Children’s play area

The Antonia Play Ground for kid

Reading room

The Antonia Reading room

Classy Living Space

The Antonia apartment not only brings a comfortable living space but also shows the class of the owner. Accordingly, the entire building is designed in a modern and classy German style with 9 apartments and 4 elevators per floor to ensure privacy and convenience for residents. The two buildings are entirely separate and not attached to have the best ventilation and wind. Each building includes 183 apartments. The separation of blocks creates elegance and uniqueness in architecture and increases the number of apartments with dual views, reducing the number of apartments on one floor.

The Antonia lobbyPerspective image of the project viewed from above

All apartments is designed with high quality, good sunlight, and wind, creating a comfortable living space for owners. The construction materials are imported directly from Europe, including large format bricks and stainless steel to guarantee durability and safety. The lobby has a height of nearly 8m, creating a luxurious and airy feature for the overall design, reaching the standard of a 5-star hotel. Every design detail, such as lobby, elevator lobby, apartment, is meticulously refined thoroughly. Moreover, the investor also ensures a balanced feng shui when most of the remaining area is a park filled with trees and lakes.

The Antonia Lobby A


Ground Layout

At Phu My Hung apartment, one elevator can serve 3 families. The freight elevator is located at a separate entrance right in the building. There are two emergency stairs to meet safety standards.

The project has 2 basements, 2 car charging stations, and 4 motorbike charging stations to catch up with the future electric and hybrid vehicles trend. The main types of apartments in this project are:

  • 2-bedroom apartment: 81-89m2 (Price from 5.5 billion to 7 billion). The 89m2 apartment has 1 designated parking slot.
  • 3-bedroom apartment: 107-115m2 (Price from 7.3 billion – 8 billion). Owners are assigned designated parking slot.
  • Penthouse: 256.81 – 273.73 m2

The Antonia consists of 366 apartments. The ground floor and 2nd floor are stores combined with neighboring projects to create the hustle and bustle shopping street. The 3rd floor is the amenity floor, the 4th to 23rd floors are 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. The 24th floor includes 6 penthouses located in two buildings.

The Antonia Master Drawing
Project master drawing
 The Antonia Ground
Ground floor premises
 The Antonia 3rd Floor
Floor plan 3
The Antonia 4th Floor to upper
Floor plan 5th – 23rd floor

Models Of 2 And 3 Bedroom Apartments At The Antonia District 7

Urban Rhapsody Style 2 Bedroom Apartment

This apartment has an area of ​​​​about 90m2, including 2 bedrooms designed in Urban Rhapsody style with mainly neutral colors. The olive green and brown colors create a rustic and cozy feeling, combined with the elegance of the interior to bring a harmonious and sophisticated space.

The Antonia Living room view
The rooms have large windows to help expand the space and bring a comfortable, spacious feeling, creating positive energy for an exciting new day.

 The Antonia Living room

Living room connected to the kitchen has been a trend in recent years

The multifunctionality of the Urban Rhapsody style brings an innovative and convenient space for owners. Each space in the 2-bedroom model apartment is fully utilized to ensure flexible application in daily life.

Các chi tiết mạ vàng đường viền tạo cảm giác sang trọng, hiện đại, thể hiện đẳng cấp của gia chủ

The gold-plated border details create a luxurious and modern feeling, showing the high class of the owner

Không gian phòng ngủ có nét tương động với phòng khách và phòng bếp tạo một tổng thể thống nhất nhưng không bị nhàm chán
The bedroom design has similarities with the living room, creating a unified whole but not boring

Children’s room is not only a place to rest but also a motivation for them to play and study. The colorful decorations stimulate their eyes, and the 3D images create rich imagination in children.

The Antonia Children room
Children’s bedroom

Cosmopolitan Chic Style 3-Bedroom Apartment

Cosmopolitan Chic-style apartment brings simplicity and elegance with trendy details and tones. The functional spaces have an interconnected design to create a sense of connection, spaciousness, and open vision.

The Antonia 3 bedroom living room
The space of the living room, kitchen, and dining room have a particular connection
 The Antonia Kitchen
Fully equipped kitchen with high-class wooden kitchen cabinets, luxurious and delicate stone surface

The Antonia Master Bedroom

Master bedroom

Phòng sinh hoạt chung có thể dùng để học tập và làm việc
Your family can use the 2nd bedroom to study and work

The Antonia Kid Bedroom 3

Children’s bedroom

Update On The Progress Of The Antonia Project

On December 25, 2020, The Antonia project completed the foundation to sign sales contracts as agreed with customers. In June 2021, the project completed the 9th floor of Tower A and the 10th floor of Tower B. As expected, the investor will hand over the apartment in the second quarter of 2023. We will share the latest updates with you on the following issues.

Some pictures of the progress of the project:


The Antonia Progress 1
The project has completed the construction of the first floor

 The Antonia Basement Progress

The project has completed the basement part

 The Antonia 4th Floor Progress
The project completed the 4th floor in February 2021

 The Antonia progress on June, 21

Project in June 2021

The Antonia on Dec, 21
Project updated in December 2021

Future Potential And Opportunities Of The Antonia Phu My Hung

Thanks to possessing a prime location in the future infrastructure development plan, The Antonia takes advantage of the development plan of Phu My Hung urban area and the southern part of the city. Based on neighborhoods such as Nam Phuc – Le Jardin, The Symphony, The Signature, Hung Phuc Premier of MIDTOWN (under construction phase of cherry blossom park, upgrading many roads), the project investor creates value for real estate here.

The Antonia Potential

The Antonia possesses the potential for future value

Around the project are high-class apartments with the ground floor planned as a commercial street with many amenities for residents. From the construction location, walking to the street, you can access many other services such as commercial centers, restaurants, education, health care within a distance of 500-800m. In addition, residents can visit famous attractions such as Crescent Lake, Starlight Bridge, Crescent Mall with only about 5 minutes away.

According to market research agencies, this infrastructure information has pushed up real estate prices in the South by 20% compared to a year ago. Significantly when the transport infrastructure is being upgraded and fully connected with the whole city and neighboring provinces. For example, the intersection of Nguyen Van Linh – Nguyen Huu Tho is invested 2,600 billion VND, Nguyen Khoai bridge from District 7 connecting District 4 and District 1 is invested 1,250 billion VND.

Price And Payment Method

The price of luxury apartments of The Antonia fluctuates around 70 million/m2 (VAT included, maintenance fund, land use fee). Prices vary depending on location, view, parking space. For a more detailed price list, please contact the hotline: 0911331658

The payment method is highly flexible and attractive when you only need to pay 20% for the first 9 months, and the following payments are only about 3%/period. When you receive the house in the last period, you have to pay the last 45% and pay the remaining 5% after receiving the House Ownership Certificate

In addition, customers can choose a bank preferential loan program with a loan package of 0 interest 0 principal for 2 years after signing the sale contract. Accordingly, customers only have to spend 20% in the first 9 months and 2 years later because Phu My Hung’s partner banks support them.

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